About GUL watches

GUL doesn't look like other watches. Other watch manufacturers make delicate flowers - we make real hardcases. They make sophisticated watches - we make sporty, colourful statements. They make watches for people with fat wallets - we make them for regular people. And while others make copies, we're busy making the real thing.

It has all the attitudes of the natural-born rebel. An individual style. And of course it's 100% genuine. GUL was born in the water. It was originally a surfer's watch - tough, waterproof and attractive. But above all - it was different.

Born in the water. Shaped by the ocean.

GUL is developed and marketed by us at Delva - a Swedish company. We are dedicated to our products and relish a challenge. Service, team work and fun are our key words and we enjoy working with dynamic partners. We love doing the sports we know are close to a GUL person's heart: windsurfing, snowboarding, MTB, in-line skating, beach volleyball etc. etc. We know what our customers want. We know what they demand - and what makes them tick! And we dream their dreams. Like attracts like, as the saying goes. We create watches that don't look like other watches.

GUL Watches South Africa

The South African Story

It's 2005... Dave Ringwood is frustrated with the general quality of kids watches available in most watch shops in South Africa. Surely, the most demanding watch owner has to be a 6 year old boy. Why then is it so hard to find a watch made with real kids in mind: water proof, shock resistant and above all, analogue hands. Dave, by chance, stumbles across a GUL Micro. Over the following years it proves to deliver exactly what he had been looking for, a kids watch for real kids. The rest is history welcome to GUL Watches South Africa.

The History of GUL Watches

Sten Warfvinge and Anders Delander establish Delva AB, a company which sells the British wetsuit brand GUL.
The first GUL watch is made, as an accesory for the wetsuits.
GUL - the surfer's watch - is launched in Sweden. Delva is the offical agent.
This is the year when a very modest Swedish distribution starts, exclusively to sport shops.
The velcro strap is introduced.
The sport market grows rapidly.
A new era starts as the first Swedish watch retailer introduces GUL.
First specially made GUL display.
First dial design made in-house. Klockmäster, a large Swedish retailer's organization, starts selling GUL watches.
From this year onwards, new models are completely designed inhouse. Watch retailers dominate the sales. Delva becomes the worldwide licensee for GUL watches, meaning that distribution, R&D and marketing are handled by Delva.
GUL/Delva is nominated Supplier of the Year by Klockmäster. Export of GUL watches starts to five countries. Distribution starts in Duty Free market in Scandinavia.
GUL watches established in six new countries. Delva is nominated Supplier of the Year for the second time in a row! Entire Swedish Olympic Team equipped with GUL watches. GUL watches appear on the Internet. International Newsletters. Export manager employed. First importer's meeting takes place in June.
First own appearance at the Basel International Watch Fair. The GUL range now totals 21 models in 110 colour varieties and 110 different velcro straps. Number of export countries now 22.
Exhibiting in Basel, importer's meeting, important sponsorship's including complete Swedish, Estonian and Slovenian Olympic Teams. New 72-page catalogue. Distributors exhibiting at least 40 trade shows world-wide Introduction of direct order processing via Internet.

The millionth GUL watch is sold! Metal bracelets to fit most models where introduced.
All our models stand up to the new European Nickel ruling.
GUL is exhibited at ISPO, one of the biggest International Sport exhibitions in the world, held in Münich, Germany.
Specifications are raised on all watch models to at least 10 ATM, hardened mineral glass and IPS ion plating stainless steel.
Our main target group is still people who like water sports and action sports like snowboarding, skateboarding and other extreme sports, but we now also offer excellent products for those who demand more dressy watches. Coca Cola celebrate their 50 years in Sweden anniversary with giving all personnel a prestigious GUL Pro watch, with a special engraving on the case back of the watches.
The company moved to new more suitable premises.
Launching the new ID Velcro strap in co-operation with "Save the Children Fund".
New GUL Dive Sensor watch is launched with all necessary digital diving functions.
New fashionable watch boxes that are suitable for all models.
New GUL colour watches are introduced. Cool and colourful with colour matching PU straps. New displays are designed.
A new era starts with introducing GUL to facebook. GUL watches sponsor Childrens cancer fund together with media celebrities.
New stylish watch line is introduced with even higher specifications. New designed and updated GUL website. Our sponsored adventuress Amelie Pompe places GUL on top of Mount Everest.
Delva AB becomes the proud world wide owner of the brand GUL watches. New fashionable Nato straps are introduced to GUL watches in three different sizes. GUL sponsors "Access to Hollywood" talent show and "Lifestyle charity event".